Arbor Vugenhausen Deck

The Vugenhousen is Arbor's take at the current topmount speedboard trend. The Vug comes in two options, 35 and 38 inches. both Boards feature a symmetrical standing Arbor Vugenhausen Freeride Longboard Deck (Deck Only) - Arbor Vugenhausen ride Longboard Length: 37.75" Width: 10" WheelBase: 29.50 The Vugenhausen is Arbor's

Arbor Vugenhausen Deck
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck1Arbor Vugenhausen Deck4Arbor Vugenhausen Deck2
Arbor Vugenhausen DeckArbor Vugenhausen Deck3

The Arbor Vugenhausen sees its third incarnation for 2013 and we’re more stoked than ever. Landyachtz Grom Race Longboard Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape Arbor Vugenhausen 37' Longboard Deck in stock now at Tactics boardshop! Fast, shipping. No sales tax. Authenticity and lowest price guaranteed.

Arbor Vugenhausen Deck1
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck

Arbor 31.75" GB Sizzler Koa Longboard Deck $80.00 [in stock] Arbor 31.75" GB Sizzler Koa Longboard Complete $188.00 [in stock] Arbor 33" Rally Koa Longboard Deck This topmount speedboard offers superior traction and leverage over your trucks, giving it race day performance. A stiff symmetrical platform and gas pe

Arbor Vugenhausen Deck2
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck

Arbor Vugenhausen-38 2012 Deck. $150.00 . Arbor Cypher 38 Deck. $160.00 . Arbor Prodigy Deck. $232.00 . Arbor Genesis 36 Deck. $175.00 . Arbor Axis 40 Roots Deck. $ Watch James skate his Vugenhausen 50 mph through hairpin turns while making the most technical stand up slides look easy. Arbor Vugenhausen 35 Longboard Skateboard Deck Only in Sporting Goods, Outdoor Sports, Skateboarding & Longboarding | eBay Arbor Vugenhausen 37 James Kelly Longboard Skateboard Deck. This Topmount speedboard offer superior traction and leverage over your trucks, giving it race day

Arbor Vugenhausen Deck3
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck

A stiff, responsive flex prevents feeling squirrely when you get moving, and the deck's built-in gas Arbor's team-developed Vugenhausen Longboard was built Vugenhausen complete by Arbor. Deck: 10" x 37.75". Vugenhausen complete by Arbor. Deck: 10" x 37.75". Paris 180mm trucks. Arbor 72mm, 82A wheels.

Arbor Vugenhausen Deck4
Arbor Vugenhausen Deck

Is anyone else considering the Arbor Vugenhausen releasing on tuesday the 15th? Looks like a good deck none the less Share. Share this post on; Imagine the Arbor Vugenhausen Longboard as a diabolically excited Foot extensions at either end of the deck and ultra-sticky Thumb Cutter grip tape lock


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